Because of the quarter system, you can graduate in as few as 27 months.
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Flexible Quarter System

As one of the nation's "best buys" in private education according to the Princeton Review, Baylor Law School offers an unparalleled value by operating on the quarter system. Because of the quarter system, you can earn a degree in as few as 27 months. You'll find the quarter system provides a unique opportunity to create an individualized roadmap for your degree with its inherent flexibility, scalability and creativity.

Start When You Want

We offer three entering classes--Spring, Summer, and Fall--with the full range of courses offered each quarter. These three options give you the flexibility to start your law studies at a time that's ideal for you.

Finish When You Want

Under the Baylor Law School system, students generally take an average of fourteen hours each quarter and graduate in nine quarters, with a minimum total of 126 quarter hours. Each quarter is approximately nine weeks followed by two reading days and a week of finals.

Accept Externships and Clerkships When You Want

Perhaps most importantly to your career, the quarter system allows you to take time off year-round for activities that augment your education such as clerkships, studies abroad, and externships. While students from other schools are competing for a very limited number of Summer options, you'll be able to consider options in Fall, Winter, or Spring as well. We encourage you to take advantage of such programs, as they allow you to apply the principles and skills learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Why the Quarter System

Baylor Law School has followed the quarter system since the 1940's. Many schools were on the quarter system at that time but later converted to the semester system. We chose to maintain the quarter system, because it enhances our environment of high expectations and rigor and better prepares our students for the significant demands of law practice. The quarter system allows us to focus on training students to become the best practicing lawyers in their fields.

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