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Baylor Law Teams to Participate in Texas Administrative & Public Law Moot Court Competition

Oct. 12, 2010

By Brittany Hardy

Three Baylor Law School teams that include Joel Towner and Trey Duck, Sarah Judge and Jose Magana, Debran Meyer and James Willis will compete in the Texas Administrative and Public Law Moot Court Competition on Oct. 14-16 in Austin. In the last 12 years, Baylor has won this particular competition seven times. In the last four years, Baylor has done especially well, winning the competition four times in a row.

At this year's moot court competition, teams will argue a problem concerning whether delinquent child support payments can be deducted from lottery winnings in certain circumstances, said Kathy Serr, Advocacy Program Coordinator.

This competition centers on rules made by Texas State Agencies, said team member Trey Duck.

"Typically, legislatures pass laws that simply state what the law is. However, the state and federal governments both regulate highly complex and technical areas that require a tremendous amount of expertise to regulate fairly," Towner said. "In those cases, the legislature passes a law that enables an agency that has the proper expertise to create rules that have the effect of law. Agencies regulate a broad range of areas from insurance to natural resources to railroads. These agencies create huge bodies of rules applicable to their area. The administrative law competition involves the courts' review of issues that arise from this unique rule-making process."

This competition has no limit on the number of teams a school can enter. All the students competing in this competition are 2L students. With the exception of Judge, they are all competing in their first external competition.

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