Mission Statement

Mission Statement


The economic model of law firms has changed.

Firms that once hired straight out of law school are now forced to re-evaluate efficiencies. Training young lawyers takes time and costs money that is increasingly difficult to justify. As a result, firms have pleaded with law schools—schools with curriculums steeped in theory with little attention devoted to the actual skills required to enter practice—to introduce practical training.

At the same time, with technology reshaping entire industries, the skill sets critical to the practice of law are likewise evolving. Emphasis on standard, process-driven skills is giving way to increased focus on the ability to manage multi-layered, complex issues for clients. As expectations for attorneys increase, the term “professional” will take on new meaning.

For years, Baylor has been ahead of the curve, equipping its students to practice law the moment they walk out the door. From the first minute of orientation—the language used, the time demanded and the expectations set—it is all about becoming a professional.