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As a Baylor student, the Counseling Center's services are available to you, although a fee might be involved. In addition to individual counseling, the Center offers many online resources.

TLAP Support for Law Students

The workload of law school can cause a great amount of stress for students. Are you, or do you know of a friend or associate who may be suffering from depression? The Texas Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP) offers services to help you during this challenging time. To learn more about TLAP and how it works, click here for a short video.

Law Lifeline

LawLifeline is full of information tailored to a law school student's emotional health needs. Visit this link for the Baylor specific LawLifeline webpage. Be sure to use the websites' Self Evaluator. Law Lifeline

Legal Professionals Program at Hazelden

The Legal Professionals Program at Hazelden is one of the world's largest and most respected private-not-for-profit alcohol and drug addition treatment centers. Their specialized program is now two years old and has already provided treatment to more than 200 legal professionals. For more information visit

Private Counseling Services

Some private counselors familiar with the unique pressures of law school are available here. Please contact Dean Jackson or Stephen Rispoli for additional information.


It is important for you to take care of your health while in law school. Your schedule and stress level will likely take its toll, both now and in your future career. Learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while a student will be key for a healthy future. Baylor Health Center As a Baylor student, you have access to the Health Center on the main campus in the Student Life Center. If you have not paid the optional Student Services Fee, you will need to make an appointment with the Health Center ahead of time in order to be granted access to the SLC. The Health Center does accept insurance if you have not paid the optional Student Services Fee.

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