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Contact Jerri Cunningham by email or phone at 254-710-1911 with questions related to graduation.
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Graduation Ceremony & Academic Records Section

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The Once and For All Contact Information Section

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Additional contacts

(Please provide the names of 2-3 of your law school classmates with whom you plan to stay in touch. These people are also known as your friends.)


Involvement While in Law School Section

Please put a check mark next to any organization in which you were involved while in school. If you held an office, please list that next to the organization.

Diversity In Law:
Student Bar Association:
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Delta Theta Phi:
Harvey M. Richey Moot Court Society:
American Constitutional Society:
International Justice Mission:
Phi Alpha Delta:
Public Interest Legal Society:
Environmental Law Society:
IP Society:
Did you have at least one hands-on law-related experience during the course of your law school career, other than PC or pro bono work? This would include any law-related summer/academic year internship at a firm, corporation, legal services, government, or a judicial internship. Yes No
If yes, please list your hands-on law-related experience(s):

Did you participate in Bear PAWS? Yes No

If yes, do you think you reached one of the recognition levels? (At least 75 hours of pro bono/community service work) Yes No

Career Planning Section

The Career Development Office is dedicated to helping soon-to-be-alums and recent alums in their job searches. We are often a resource for employers looking for entry level lawyers and beyond. If you have already secured employment, that's great. If not, please let us know how we can help both now and following graduation.
Right Now: Are you working in a part-time position? Yes No
If yes, please tell us:
Your Position:
After Graduation: Are you still seeking post-graduation employment? Yes No
If yes, please tell us:
Your preferred practice area:
Geographic preference:
If no, is it because:
You are waiting until to start looking.
Personal Reasons
You have a post-graduation offer
(legal or non-legal, full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent)
If you have a post-graduate offer, please answer the next set of questions:
Is it: Full-Time Part-Time
Temporary Permanent
(We never share individual salary amounts; the information is only for statistical purposes)
How you found the job:
Anticipated Start date:

Do you have any other feedback you'd like to share with the Career Development Office?

The Baylor Experience Section

We have great confidence in you and the education you received here. Although the road ahead might be a little daunting, it is important to celebrate the many accomplishments you have had in law school. We are proud of you.
What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment or achievement during law school?

Please list other achievements, accomplishments and awards earned or successfully completed during law school.

Please list any faculty members or administrative staff who have had a significant impact on you during law school and how they did so.

The Finally Made It Section

You have almost earned the title "Baylor Lawyer" & you'll find it carries great weight in the legal community. How would you like to stay connected to Baylor Law in the next few years? Please check one or more of the following:
I'd enjoy meeting other Baylor Lawyers in the area where I'll be living; help me stay/get connected.

I'd be willing to meet prospective students in my area & help determine if Baylor Law would be a good fit.

I'd like to share my experience & expertise with students coming behind me; put me on your list for opportunities to interact with current students.

I need some time to appreciate the value of staying connected - ask me later.
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