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Students can add/drop with the Law School Registrar through the first week of Spring quarter.

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Registration Instructions & Documents

The following students must be advised by Associate Dean Teague prior to registration:

  • Students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.4 & below

  • Students participating in a joint degree program.

  • >Students registering for less than 10 hours must have the approval of Associate Dean Jackson-Teague to do so.

Registration Materials

Spring 2015 Course Schedule PDF
Spring 2015 Course Schedule EXCEL
Spring 2015 Final Exam PDF
Winter 2014-15 Final Exam PDF
Student Catalog 2014-15 PDF
2014-15 Projected Course Schedule PDF
Spring 2015 Memorandum for Students Registering for the Second and Third Year PDF
Spring 2015 Notes on Schedule PDF
Special Courses List (CRNs and registration information for Advocacy Teams, Externships, Independent Studies and Baylor Law Review) PDF
Registration Form (for students not registering in Bearweb) WORD
Advocacy Team Registration Form PDF
Externship Manual (Print Appendix E, complete it and submit to Career Development Office (CDO). You will be registered after the form is received by the CDO.) PDF
Independent Study Faculty Supervision and Registration Form PDF

Web Registration Instructions:

  1. Refer to the registration materials available on this web page when determining the classes you will take. Courseloads for students who will be taking required courses are listed near the bottom of the Course Schedule.

  2. Login to Bearweb.

  3. Second and third year students must update their planned graduation term each quarter prior to registration. To do so, go to Distinct Student Populations, select Law School Menu, select Update Graduation Term. After you update this information, you will be eligible to register.

  4. Next choose “Student Academic Services.”  Choose “Registration.” Next, "Select Term".  Choose "Add or Drop Courses."  Refer to your copy of the course schedule for course registration numbers (CRN).  Enter the CRNs for the courses you want to take.   Refer to the “Special Courses” list for CRNs and information about externships, independent studies, and Law Review registration.

  5. After your registration has been submitted, check to be sure you are registered for the correct courses. To designate optional fees (parking permit, Student Life Center/Health Center, etc.), select "Student and Financial Aid."  Choose "Registration" and select "Optional Fees."

  6. Students registering for limited enrollment courses will not know if they get in a course until until near the beginning of that specific quarter.  You should register for the courses you wish to take and watch for an email regarding enrollment for limited enrollment courses.  You will be able to add a course at a later date if you need to.  Students who do not get into a particular limited enrollment course will automatically be dropped from that course after notification.

  7. Exit Web Registration.

Academic Calendar

February 9
    Classes Begin

March 7-15
    Spring Break

April 3-5
    Easter Holiday

April 22
    Classes End

April 23-24
    Reading Days

April 25
    Exam Period Begins

May 1
    Exams Period Ends

May 2

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