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Baylor Law School Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews

In the summer of 2015, Baylor Law School is hosting an advocacy-focused summer study program in St Andrews, Scotland - the Baylor Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews.

Additional information about this program is available here.

Study Abroad at Other Law Schools

Baylor Law recognizes study-abroad credit hours obtained through other ABA-accredited law school programs, and many Baylor students take advantage of these opportunities around the globe to fulfill degree requirements at Baylor.

Students interested in obtaining credit through a study abroad program hosted by a school other than Baylor Law School must receive pre-approval to do so. Contact Jerri Cunningham or Associate Dean Teague for details on gaining approval for study abroad credit.

Detailed Study Abroad Information

Foreign Summer Programs
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May 11
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May 25
    Memorial Day Holiday

July 3
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July 14
    Upper Level Classes End

July 15
    First Year Classes End

July 15-16
    Upper Level Reading Days

July 16-17
    First Year Reading Days

July 17
    Upper Level Exam Period Begins

July 18
    First Year Exam Period Begins

July 23
    Upper Level Exams Period Ends

July 24
    First Year Exams Period Ends

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