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Applicants for the Texas bar must pass the MPRE before they are eligible to be licensed.

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Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination
The MPRE is required for admission to the bars of many jurisdictions, including Texas. The examination is generally administered in March, August and November at established test centers across the country (Baylor Law School included). Deadlines are listed in the application, which are available in the Dean's Suite and online. For states in which the MPRE is required, the student must pass the MPRE before he or she will be licensed by the bar. For information about the MPRE, test dates and deadlines, go online to MPRE.
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May 11
    Classes Begin

May 25
    Memorial Day Holiday

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    Independence Day Holiday

July 14
    Upper Level Classes End

July 15
    First Year Classes End

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    Upper Level Reading Days

July 16-17
    First Year Reading Days

July 17
    Upper Level Exam Period Begins

July 18
    First Year Exam Period Begins

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    Upper Level Exams Period Ends

July 24
    First Year Exams Period Ends

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