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Nov. 4, 2013

Take advantage of breaks. Yes that could mean break as in a stroke of good luck, but what I mean here is much more literal. Over the next 10 weeks, you're going to have more days off than any time other than summer, and you need to take advantage of them.

This may look different for each of you, but the most important thing is that you do something toward your job search during these breaks. When we first meet with you in quarters one and two, we stress the importance of spending two hours per week on the job search. What I'm saying here is along those lines.

You might want to clean up or update your resume, draft a cover letter template or polish your writing sample. These are all worthy uses of your time. However, I'd like to challenge you even more as those activities are easily done from the comfort of your Waco apartment. A stretch of days off is perhaps the only time you will have to get out and visit potential employers, network and build relationships. So why not set up an informational interview with an attorney who practices in the area you're interested in? Or take a Baylor Lawyer in your desired practice location out to lunch? You might also check the state bar website for any CLEs or events you could attend.

I cannot overstate this: if you have an interest or preference to work in a geographic location you currently have little or no connection to you, what I'm suggesting ought to be considered mandatory and not optional. You are going to have to connect with people and create opportunities that won't exist otherwise. Employers, particularly outside of Dallas, are really looking for candidates with a connection to the area and/or a reason they want to be there other than the fact it's a job.

Regardless of where you're wanting to work (or if you don't know / are open), you will give yourself a big leg up if you have made connections and, just as important, followed up and stayed in touch. What good is it to do an informational interview in December of your first or second year, only to ignore that person until after graduation when you call and ask for a reference? Even if they remember you, which is 50/50, there's no way they can be as helpful as they could have been if you had stayed in touch.

If you're looking for people to connect with please feel free to stop by the CDO office and ask. We are happy to help try and formulate a strategy so you can be as efficient with your time as possible. The important thing is you start thinking now about how you can take advantage of the upcoming breaks; they could prove more important to your job search than just about anything else.

Connect with Daniel: [email protected] and @DanielHare.

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