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Oct. 7, 2013

One of my primary objectives is to get more employers to interview Baylor students and recent graduates. The Career Development Office facilitates these interviews in a variety of ways, including the On-Campus Interview program (fall or spring), resume collection followed by in-person interviews, phone interviews, Skype interviews, etc.

One of our ongoing challenges is how to create more mutually beneficial interview opportunities for students and employers, particularly those small and mid-size employers who don't typically recruit at OCI.

One option we're considering to increase interview opportunities is to conduct off-campus interviews, where employers would be able to interview candidates in their home city, either in their offices or at a common location (e.g. hotel). Is this something that you would be interested in participating in? Or for those of you who already have jobs, is this something you would have participated in? Before you answer, consider the following:

  • The travel costs for a program like this would be the responsibility of you the candidate.

  • The date(s) would likely be in the spring quarter, either the Friday of Spring Break or the first week of April.

  • Assuming the dates above, we would be looking for employers interested in all classes of students (1L - recent graduates)

  • The target employers would be small, mid-sized firms, government agencies and others who don't typically participate in OCI.

  • Dallas, Houston and Austin would be the likely locations, though not necessarily all in the beginning (we may attempt once in either Dallas or Houston first, depending on the interest).

We want your input before deciding if/how to move forward with off-campus interviews. Please complete the short, four question survey by clicking here.


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CDO OFFICE: 254.710.1210
Angela Cruseturner
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Daniel Hare
Director of Career Development
Employer Relations


Monica Wright
CDO Office Manager
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