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Career Development as Part of Your Legal Education

People choose to go to law school for many reasons. Some have very clear career goals in mind when they begin classes; some have a general idea about options that may be available to people with law degrees; some are interested in the scholarly pursuit; and some choose to go to law school because of advice or recommendations from family or friends.

Baylor Law School's CDO encourages all prospective students to spend some time thinking about their potential legal careers before making the commitment to attend law school. Many factors affect market demand for lawyers, and the demand among the various practice specialties. In recent years the job market has become very challenging for law school graduates from all parts of the country.

Baylor Law School has a strong reputation among employers for graduating students who are well-prepared to become immediately productive lawyers. The Law School also has good relationships with law firms and employers representing all types of legal practice, and many of these employers actively recruit our students through on-campus programs. The CDO strives to maintain existing employer relationships, to develop new employer relationships, and to encourage all potential employers to participate in on-campus interviewing and recruiting activities.

However, it is difficult to predict future demand and future legal employment trends. In the near term many graduating students from all law schools will likely face some challenges in meeting their career goals. To try to help students meet this challenge, the CDO provides educational programs and resources for students to identify their areas of interest and strength, and to put them in the best position to develop plans to achieve their career goals under any market conditions.

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