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There are many opportunities for you to get to know our students, and allow our students to get to know you, well before the time comes to make employment decisions.

Host a Reception or an Event

The Career Development Office at Baylor Law School is always interested in having employers come on campus to host a reception or an event. There are many suitable venues around Waco for off-campus gatherings. This is a good way for you and our students to get to know each other in an informal setting. Please contact the CDO if you are interested in hosting a reception or sponsoring an event.

Speaker Programs

Another effective way to connect with our students is through participation in one of our two programs designed to bring practicing lawyers to campus to give formal speaking presentations.

One of the programs is called "Bear Essentials," which consists of presentations about professional development issues, including job searching, specific career information, or ethical and professional responsibility issues.

The other program is called "A Day in the Life." Speakers for these sessions talk to students about how they chose their careers, what they do on a day-to-day basis, and what advice they have for students who want to develop similar practices.

We are interested in hosting "Bear Essentials" and "Day in the Life" speakers on a wide range of topics. Sometimes we have panels on specific topics, rather than a single speaker. If you have an idea for a topic and would like to participate, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the CDO to discuss your proposed presentation.

Contact Information
CDO OFFICE: 254.710.1210
Angela Cruseturner
Assistant Dean of Career Development

Daniel Hare
Director of Career Development
Employer Relations


Monica Wright
CDO Office Manager
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