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In recent years, there has been a call for law schools to increase their emphasis on teaching practical lawyering skills. A well-rounded legal curriculum should teach students how to think about and analyze difficult legal problems, and to consider them in the light of public policy; but it also must ensure that its students know how to perform the day-to-day tasks required of a practicing lawyer.

For decades Baylor has been preparing its students to be the entry-level lawyers that employers demand. Our graduates excel in top law firms, the judiciary, government service, and business. They do so because they know how to practice law.

Baylor Law School is well-known for its Practice Court program, which prepares students to be effective advocates. But the true scope of this training extends beyond the courtroom; it also prepares students to represent clients effectively in difficult negotiations typically seen in complex transactional practices. To complement this preparation, Baylor Law School also offers elective "Capstone" programs, in which students learn specific skills for transaction-based practice.

We invite you, a prospective employer, to come to our campus and see first-hand how our educational philosophy sets us apart, and how we can provide you with graduates who can become immediately productive lawyers.

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CDO OFFICE: 254.710.1210
Angela Cruseturner
Assistant Dean of Career Development

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Director of Career Development
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Monica Wright
CDO Office Manager
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