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The Online System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR) started as a pilot project for the Fall 2005 hiring season. The Fall of 2013 will be its ninth year and changes are still being made. OSCAR offers an internet-based application system permitting applicants to file their federal clerkship application materials online and designate those judges to whom they wish to apply. Federal judges and chambers staff are able to read, sort, and manage those applications on-screen; they are also able to download and print those applications. OSCAR allows letters of recommendation to be placed confidentially in applicants' online files, either directly by the recommender, or through the applicant's law school.

OSCAR 7.0 will open to an INFORMATIONAL WEB PAGE that will not require a login. Visitors will be able to access the following:

  • Instructions for using the OSCAR informational website.
  • General information about clerking (duties, salary/benefits, etc.).
  • Links to other informational websites (e.g., the AO's Understanding the Federal Courts, Federal Judicial Center, and Judiciary's Employment Web Page).
  • Judges/Clerkships Tab which will include a comprehensive list of judges:
    • Basic information name, judge type, city for each judge will be shown on the list
    • Judges who fill out a profile will also be able to indicate whether they accept electronic applications or paper applications, or whether they are not hiring clerks.
    • Judges will be able to list their clerkship vacancies, including specific requirements and terms.
    • Judges who choose not to complete a profile will be listed with the notation "No information available."
    • Those judges who accept electronic applications will also have a link to the OSCAR login screen on their clerkship details page.
    • Visitors will be able to select judges and print or export to Excel a list with the basic judge nformation.

  • Applicant Registration Tab which will permit applicants to create their profiles for electronic applications.
  • Login Tab for accessing the electronic application section.
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