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Each fall and spring the CDO invites public and private employers to come to campus to interview students for summer clerkships and permanent employment. The fall program is usually scheduled the week before classes begin in August. If you have not previously taken part in OCI, you will be required to attend a mandatory meeting during which we will provide you with information about the OCI process, including important deadlines.

There are a number of ways to find information about participating law firms and employers. NALP maintains a directory of information about law firms at this website. You can use this directory to find statistical data submitted to NALP by member law firms.

Sometimes the firms and other employers provide recruiting brochures to the CDO, which we make available for students to review.

Finally, law firm and company websites are good sources of information about interviewing employers. You should review these websites carefully, both at the time you select the employers you wish to "bid" for interviews, but also after you have been selected for an interview. You will find helpful information on the websites about the firms, and also about the lawyers who will be conducting the interviews.

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