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Sample Questions to Ask the Interviewer

If you are prepared for your interview, you probably already have some questions you would like to ask. You should ask questions to demonstrate that you have conducted research and are aware of the firm's practice area. Here are some suggested questions for you to consider:

General Questions

  • On what basis will the hiring decision be made?
  • What does your firm look for in a successful candidate?
  • How are decisions made regarding work assignments?
  • To whom will I report?
  • How long has the interviewer been with the employer? Why did the interviewer choose to work for this employer? Why did the interviewer choose his/her practice area?
  • What are the selling points of the city? As a place to live? As a place to work?
  • What is special about this firm? What are the advantages to working for a firm the size that the interviewer works for?

Questions for Summer Associate Positions

  • What kind of work do summer clerks do? Is there a rotation among departments? If so, how is the choice of department made?
  • What kind of supervision can a summer clerk expect? Is there a formal evaluation process? How is information regarding performance communicated to the clerk?
  • How many summer clerks does the employer expect to have? What percentage of clerks from the last year will be working for the employer in the future?

Questions for Associate Positions

  • How does the employer determine what type of work a beginning attorney is assigned? How is the work supervised? How are the evaluations communicated to the new attorney?
  • How is the new attorney trained? Are there formal training programs?
  • Does the employer require its attorneys to specialize? When and how does specialization occur?
  • What type of clients does the employer have? How soon does a new attorney have direct client contract? How soon is a new attorney expected to develop new clients for the employer?
  • What are the criteria for advancement?
  • What are the target number of billable hours?
  • Does the employer anticipate growth? If so, in what areas?
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