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Ranked fourth in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report, our Advocacy Program produces lawyers of unparalleled quality and preparedness. It is our third-year Practice Court program for which we are best known and that you will find so valuable come graduation.

In Practice Court, all third-year law students try multiple cases from beginning to end, in order to learn the spectrum of a lawyer's experience. It is a facet that students often find one of the most strenuous but compelling components of their Baylor education. Because of this program, you will not only know what to expect when you walk into court on your first job assignment, but you will also be able to present yourself as a seasoned attorney.

Even if you do not intend to litigate, the Practice Court experience teaches you, among other things, how to conduct initial interviews with clients, write a contract that will stand up in arbitration or court, think critically and pragmatically about complex situations, and confidently advocate during a negotiation on behalf of your client.

Baylor's advocacy program will develop in you the lawyering skills important to any type of practice.

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Advocacy Program Coordinator

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