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PC Laptops

Wireless Networking:

Remember that when you are connecting to AIRBEAR or AIRBEAR WPA2, you may receive a confirmation window with two options; "Terminate" or "Connect". Click "Connect"

It may also ask you to re-enter your credentials (Bear I.D. and password).

Main campus does provide instrution on the instruction page that this may occur "several" times. We have seen it take 4 or 5 times depending on network traffic.

If this does not work for you, please bring the laptop by the computer lab for assistance. It is best to coordinate a time with one of us, and you can reach all of us at

Putting the Run Command into your Windows 7 or Vista Start Menu

Visit this page for details.

Capturing images to place in documents such as MS Word or WordPerfect

Visit this page for details.

Mac Laptops

Wireless Networking:

Advanced AirBear Connection Troubleshooting
When the normal methods found at the Baylor ITS Mac Airbear Setup page do not work for you, please visit our advanced troubleshooting page.


Printing in the computer lab

Remember that print jobs must be released via the Print Release which can be reached either by selecting "Print Release" on the left hand menu of all Law School Technology pages or by opening an internet browser and entering the URL "".

If you are unable to print from one lab machine, it is recommended to first change which lab computer you are using. Please report the computer number (shown on the shelf above each machine) via email to

Computer Lab

Lab Supplies

The computer lab supplies are to be maintained by the Help Desk workers who are located at the front of the computer lab.

If any supplies run low/out, please advise the help desk worker.

If there is no help desk worker available, there are extra toner cartridges in the cabinet below the Color Printer (CLab8) located past the I.T. Staff offices on the right hand side.

In the 3 cabinets past the color printer, printer paper is available.

Please email if any supplies are depleted and there is no Help Desk worker available. While after hours and weekend support is usually provided by Help Desk workers, there may be unexpected gaps in coverage. Instant response in those cases is not available, but we can usually get the next Help Desk worker to resolve the issue if possible.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is provided for the students, faculty and staff to receive technological assistance whenever an I.T. staff member is not available. The Help Desk workers can help with configuring wired and wireless network access, replacing lab supplies, notifying the I.T. staff of equipment issues. Additional capabilities are being added to assist faculty and staff with classroom support.

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