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2015-2016 Competition Results

ABA Moot Court Regional
Finalists: Kelly Depew and James Muela

Adoption and Family Law National Moot Court Competition
Finalists: Penny Maley and Matthew Swanger
Octofinalists: Amanda Howard and Sarah Holub
5th Best Speaker: Sarah Holub
7th Best Speaker: Amanda Howard

Catholic University of America Immigration Law Competition
Best Speaker: Kate Fulkerson

Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition
Octofinalists and Best Brief One of Top: Alex Bishop, Michaela Larson and Elizabeth Brabb
Quarterfinalists: Toni Anderson, Patrick Crim and Ty Wilson

E. Earle Zehmer National Moot Court Competition
Quarterfinalists: John Cook and Penny Maley

Emory National Civil Rights and Liberties Moot Court Competition
Quarterfinalists: Toni Anderson and Patrick Crim

Frank A. Schreck Gaming Law Moot Court Competition
2nd Place and Best Brief: Rachel Buchhorn and Erin Lovejoy
2nd Place Brief Semifinalists: Lexi Atkins, Kristen Messina and Neal Parekh

HNBA National Moot Court Competition
Finalists & Best Respondents Brief: Susana Narano-Padron, Melina Tabibian and Shane Vreeland

Mack Kidd Administrative and Public Law Moot Court Competition
Champion: Kelly Depew and Matthew Swanger
Quarterfinalists: Alex Bishop and Chase Smith
Quarterfinalists: John Cook and Ashley Morgan
Best Speaker: Kelly Depew
Runner-Up Best Speaker: John Cook

National Entertainment Law Moot Court Competition
Finalists: Herbie Montalvo, Davis Mosmeyer and Leah Smith

National Legal Ethics and Professionalism Moot Court Competition
Champion: Hannah Brewer and Parker Burns
Octofinalists: Abby Aldrich and Ross Reyes

TYLA State Moot Court Competition
3rd Best Speaker: Kristen Messina


AAJ Regional Mock Trial Competition
Semifinalists: Mark Firmin, Harris Huguenard, Leda Juengerman and Hannah Brewer
Finalists: Tara Gough, Keshav Nair, Alex Risinger and Gabby Shayeb
Best Advocate: Mark Firmin

National Trial Competition
Regional Champion: Mark Altman and Brennan Buchanan

South Texas Mock Trial Challenge
Octofinalists: Chris Agboli, Andy Pattillo, Anthony Lucisano and Matthew Swanger
One of the Best Advocates: Andy Pattillo
3rd Best Trial Brief: Anthony Lucisano


ABA Client Counseling Regional Competition
Semifinalists: Alfonso Salazar & Kaytee McMullan

LawMeet Results

IP LawMeet Regional
First Place: John Cook and Amanda Sanchez

Regional Transactional LawMeet Competition in Dallas
Best Drafted Term Sheet and Semifinalists: J.P. Haskins, Hunter Hullett and Blake Landon

Regional Transactional LawMeet Competition in Kansas City
Best Drafted Term Sheet: Abby Aldrich, Mark McMullen and Ian Todd

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