Vision:lead a global faith-based community that delivers inspiring innovation

Mission: enable accelerated commercialization of things that matter

Our passion is accelerating local economic growth by enabling a more vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system of successful start-ups, innovative businesses and engaged community leadership.


INTRODUCING our newest Innovation Engineering project:


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Growth Driver Peer Circles

Developing Vibrant Leaders and Businesses


We coach executive peer groups to stimulate rapid, profitable growth with Fortune 50-level innovation tools made "plug-n-play" for SME's. Participants energize their firms to become dynamic enterprises with high-value products and services that inspire family engagement and draws potential buyers.

Impact: Clarity, Focus, Growth and Excitement

  • Clear path to achieve owner's exit / generational transition objectives
  • Rapid Return on Investment (less than 6-month payback is typical)
  • Revenue growth
  • Cost Savings
  • Know-how audit trail - captures and transfers owner's knowledge
  • Implemented growth process, team engagement, business knowledge
  • Seamless integration into day-to-day business (non-disruptive)
  • Proven next generation leadership in execution of mutually designed path

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