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Letter to the editor

March 19, 2003

Attention Baylor students -- today is the last day to file as a candidate for Waco City Council, District 2. It will greatly benefit the students at Baylor to have a fellow student or faculty member representing us.

I contacted our current District 2 Representative Carlos Pesina Jr. to ask him a few questions regarding his role in representing the majority of the citizens living in District 2, Baylor students. From the brief conversation I had with Pesina, he struck me as sincerely good-natured and outwardly pleasant, the kind of person who would be easy to work with. I commend Pesina for honestly answering the questions I presented him, answering the questions in a non-evasive manner.

However, after speaking with Pesina, I am of the opinion that a Baylor student, professor or faculty member would better serve the needs and interests of Baylor students. It is essential that the city councilperson representing our district be familiar with the issues important to Baylor students.

Pesina admitted to having never met with or spoken in front of an organization on campus in the past two years while representing us on the city council. He said the city manager brings groups of Baylor students to talk with the City Council, but aside from these meetings, he has never surveyed Baylor students to find out the issues we believe to be important.

When asked what recycling initiatives Pesina worked on while on Waco-s Planning Commission, the answer was ±nonee -- asserting that the time period when he was on the planning commission was before recycling was a big deal. Pesina served on Waco-s Planning Commission from 1993 to 1999. Claiming the city of Waco is doing a ±real good jobe with its current recycling program, our current representative mistakenly informed me that the city-s curbside recycling service picks up a host of recyclables from plastics to glass. The truth is that the city of Waco currently picks up paper and paper only via their dismal curbside recycling program.

I challenge Pesina and his colleagues on the City Council, in the coming month to develop a recycling plan for our city, a plan that will lead to the eventual implementation of a comprehensive recycling program to serve the citizenry of Waco.

Eligibility requirements for candidates require a minimum age of 21, having lived in District 2 (Baylor area) for at least six months, etc. In the last District 2 City Council election in 2001, only a couple of hundred people voted out of the roughly 9,000 registered voters in our district. A candidate with the support of one large organization on campus already has the votes for victory. I implore all eligible students and faculty at Baylor to go down to the courthouse before the end of the day and register as a candidate to represent District 2 on Waco-s City Council. Relying on the vast amount of support from fellow Baylor students, the election will be won easily.

David Chicotsky

Master-s Candidate

Environmental Studies