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Professors say relationship classes will go beyond popular psychology

Oct. 18, 2000



Byron Weathersbee said he is ready to 'define the relationship.'

He is bringing an interactive seminar to Baylor called Relationships 101 that he said is meant to 'promote healthy relationships by taking an honest look at ourselves.'

'This is not just a boring, basic youth group relationship-dating-sex series. We want to make it a challenging time of personal analysis,' Weathersbee said.

During the six weekly sessions, students will discuss perceptions of belonging, relationships with friends and family, intimate relationships and the connections of these relationships with God.

'Relationships are probably the most talked about subjects on campus,' Weathersbee said. 'We want to learn from one another -- not lecture-style because there are no easy formulas to relationships, contrary to what all the psycho-babble books say.'

The class is open to all students, but class size will be limited to 25, with a close guy-to-girl ratio so that 'different perspectives will be brought to the table,' Weathersbee said. 'We also want people of different backgrounds and different denominational beliefs to look together at different expectations.'

'Guys will have a blast going through this. I promise this will not be a women's share-group time,' he said.

The workbook that the course follows was written by the program's creators, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot, who spoke at Chapel-Forum last semester.

Plans to bring the Parrots' program to Baylor have been forming for several years now as a collaborative effort by Weathersbee's Legacy Family Ministries, Dean of Chapel Dr. Todd Lake and Dr. Steve Moore, vice president for student life.

Moore started and founded the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University, where the Parrots teach. Part of his motivation for bringing similar resources to Baylor is to help students define healthy relationships.

'Part of Baylor's mission has to do with the development of the whole person,' Moore said.

Relationship 101 seminars will be held Wednesdays from 2 to 3:30 p.m. beginning today in Room 314 of the McLane Student Life Center. The course is free, but the recommended workbook costs $16.

To sign up, or for more information, call the Legacy Family Ministries office at 772-0412.