"Wildflowers are defined as plants that grow in a natural, uncultivated site and survive with little care. They can be perennial, annual or biennial and they may be native or introduced to the site in which they grow. They are also typically divided into two groups - woodland and prairie wildflowers - though some species overlap." [SULIS].

For our purposes, we are defining wildflowers as plants that grow naturally in the wetlands with little care, and many are prarie wildflowers. In addition, the common name is used and they are in alphabetical order on the left.

For additional information on wildflowers in the Lake Waco area, please consult this document - Lake Waco Flowers by Month by Eric Haskell. It provides the date the plant and/or tree was identified, habitat, and whether it is a native or Exotic.

Source: SULIS definition.
Photos: Courtesy of S. Peregrine Johnson.


Below is a small sampling of the wildflowers that are listed on the left.


American Basketflower
Common Sunflower
Leavenworth's Eryngium
Lanceleaf Coreoposis
Indian Blanket/Gaillardia
Green-flowered Milkweed
Hairy Yellow Aster
Lady Bird's Centaury
Mexican Hat
Plains Coreopsis