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Young Speedster Out To Defend Title In Games Of Texas

July 29, 2011

Marcus and Tanya Green both ran track in high school, so maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that their son Masten has some natural running ability. Even still, their son's speed caught them off guard a bit. Marcus remembers a family reunion when five year old Masten teased a dog. That was the moment they knew their son was fast.

A year later, he began running competitively in the Games of Texas. Masten has excelled since then, pulling in three gold medals as a ten-year old in last year's games. A quiet, matter-of-fact kid, this Woodgate Intermediate student in Midway ISD has a simple explanation for why he's fast. And proves his dad's prediction right when he recalls when he knew he was quick.

But added to that natural talent has come plenty of hard work. While many kids are thinking of getting together with their friends or barely looking past the next day, he's thinking about getting a track scholarship to college. A scholarship in the future, the Games of Texas in the present, and the chance to be like his favorite athletes provide motivation for him when he's out regularly in the triple-digit heat.

The first two names are Baylor track athletes, the final two Olympians. To be like them, he's training like them. His coach, Whitney Prevost, runs Masten through a program very similar to the one he runs as a division-one track athlete at Baylor. That work paid off last year in a big way, when he wowed competitors and spectators at the Games of Texas, providing his favorite memory on the track.

Masten admits to being a little nervous this year. You run in the Games of Texas in two year age blocks. Last year, in the 9 and 10 year old block, he was one of the oldest runners. But this year, he's up against 12 year olds.

But even as Masten prepares to defend three gold medals, and dreams of running in the Olympic games, there's one competitor that Masten's mom Tanya says may just provide the biggest motivation of all.

Until he can beat his dad, he'll have to settle for the best eleven and twelve-year-olds in the state. The Games of Texas take place throughout the area, concluding Sunday. The opening ceremonies, featuring Masten, take place at Heritage Square tonight at 8:15, concluding at Indian Spring Park. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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