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Clustering, Identification Key To Growing Gifted Program At Waco ISD

July 6, 2011

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In some cases, increasing services to gifted and talented students is as simple as ensuring that teachers and administrators continue to be looking for them beyond elementary. Currently, if a student is not identified by fifth grade, he or she will not be in the "G-T" program in Waco. That's changing, as new advanced academics director Ceclia Boswell is instituting plans for teachers district wide to continue to pinpoint these students in middle and high school. But the district is also increasing the services to elementary students currently in the G-T program. Clustering these advanced students together all day is poised to begin this upcoming school year.

Community partnerships have been a constant goal of many in education, business, and administration locally. Dr. Boswell said there's a specific partnership in the works that will also benefit the students she's working to serve, and Waco ISD adminsitrators as they evaluate the program.

Clustering in the classrooms benefits the students currently in the gifted and talented program, but how can teachers identify emerging advanced students beyond elementary? When we wrap up this series tomorrow, we visit with administrators at Waco High School, where "differentiated instruction" is tailoring teaching to individual students to allow their areas of talent to become clear. You can hear yesterday's story online at kwbu.org. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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