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Cain Talks Parenting, Layoffs On 100th Day In Office

June 21, 2011

Listen to the audio | Part I | Part III

Two areas leaped out at Dr. Cain when she first arrived in Waco: the need to engage parents and the drastic budget realities at a time when the Texas legislature was leaving districts in limbo. Districts knew a great deal of money was being cut, but not how much. The parenting issue was tackled first. In a district where a vast number of children grow up without both a mother and father, Dr. Cain says the district needs to find ways to fill in the gaps.

Tomorrow, we'll hear the final installment of our conversation with the Waco I.S.D. superintendent as she talks about dealing with budget realities. The complete interview will air Sunday at 3 on KWBU Rewind. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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