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Talitha Koum Hosts Senator, Touts Need For Male Volunteers

June 19, 2011

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The work done that takes place at Talitha Koum made the organization a perfect spot to highlight the importance of, and the need for, male volunteers and mentors to work in the lives of children. Talitha Koum works with infants and children and pairs them with mentors as they grow older to provide nurturing, both physical and emotional, that many of them do not receive at home. Texas Senator John Cornyn toured the facility Saturday and tied in his message with the Father's Day weekend.

Nan Holmes, executive director of Talitha Koum, adding to Cornyn's remarks, said research speaks powerfully to the impact that adult volunteers can have in the lives of children, and that the need for men to be involved in the lives of children in fatherless homes is great.

Holmes stated a hope that attention from Cornyn's visit will encourage others to get involved and add to the work by volunteers like Steve Salveson. Salveson is a mentor at Talitha Koum. He and his wife have taken a role in the life of one young girl named Seetha, now having spent time with her from infancy to her current age of five. The message spoke of by Senator Cornyn is one Salveson lives out.

Cornyn touted the organization's work, and credited it for being an example for other communities and others in the community to follow. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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