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School Board, City Council Candidates Discuss Issues In Forum

April 19, 2011

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Individuals vying for open at-large seat on the school board and city council district four participated in the question and answer session, answering queries from moderator Karla Leeper and some of the few dozen audience members. With the state budget and economic uncertainty dominating the news, many questions focused on finance. Incumbent city councilwoman Toni Herbert and challenger Jonya Williams, a small business owner, addressed how the city would balance what they want to with what they actually can do.

With a seat open for the at-large position on the school board, three newcomers introduced themselves to voters at the forum, discussing issues facing Waco ISD. The candidates differentiated themselves when talking about the biggest problem facing the distict. L-3 designer Tony Abad said the key is encouraging parents to become active in their childrens education. Pastor Clint Brown believes raising students' standardized test scores is the most pressing issue. Businessman Cary DuPuy said partnering with local educational institutions and the Alliance was key to helping the approximately 80% of students who are economically disadvantaged. He also said a secondary problem is the issue of money from the state.

Election day is May 14th in Waco. You can hear the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum online; it will be available later this week on KWBU.org. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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