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Waco Originals Rest In Oakwood Cemetery

March 23, 2011

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Oakwood Cemetery features names that were known statewide, as evidenced by the three governors buried there. It also features mayors, businessmen, and area pioneers. Baylor and its presidents are well-represented, says Evans.

Monuments feature names that are recognizable as Waco streets, like Bagby, Speight, and Ross, their stone etchings hearkening back to when Waco was a frontier for many. One of those families in the early days was the Cameron family. They lived on a bluff overlooking the Brazos River, near the park that now bears their name.

Anyone who visited the Cameron burial plot could tell that the family buried there was a prominent one. But sometimes, Superintendent Evans points out, there's a story in what's not there. A humble monument near the far north side of the cemetery features no columns or cherubs, no elaborate busts or etchings. Nothing to tell you that the lonely individual buried there invented Waco's most famous export.

Monuments small and monuments big tell the stories of the people who shaped the area at Oakwood Cemetery. But some monuments only scratch the surface of the tales that would be buried with the dead unless people pass them down. In the next two weeks, we'll learn about two eccentric gentlemen whose stories are far more elaborate than one would ever guess from standing at their plot. You can hear prior stories on Oakwood Cemetery and see pictures online at kwbu.org. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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