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Cain Officially Hired To Lead Waco I.S.D.

Feb. 24, 2011

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Unanimously approved, just as she was unanimously selected as the lone finalist at the beginning of the month, Dr. Bonny Cain now begins the task of leading a district that faces a number of issues and challenges as she prepares to start the job immediately after spring break. Her hiring, which was celebrated with balloons and gifts from Waco schoolchildren, highlighted the meeting. But talk also centered on the fifteen million dollar budget deficit the district faces, which will be one of the initial issues that Cain herself faces at Waco I.S.D. While stopping short of promising that no one would lose their jobs, both she and the board worked to allay the fears of teachers and workers who might fear that tackling the budget would mean sacking them.

Dr. Cain, who helped led her current home, Pearland, to an exemplary rating, begins the task of trying to lift Waco that that level on the 14th of March, her first official day on the job. In her remarks at last night's school board meeting, she promised that her tenure would be marked by results, and not merely goals.

You can hear our long-form conversation with Dr. Cain online at kwbu.org and this Sunday at 3 on KWBU Rewind. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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