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New Local Segment, Central Texas Leadership Series Strengthens Community Identity

March 3, 2011

The segment will offer listeners the chance to experience a deeper understanding of Waco's collective personality by highlighting the wisdom of outstanding individuals living in the Waco area. Episodes intend to satisfy the public's hunger to know more about leaders in our community.

Host Jim Haller interviews Dave Campbell, the editor-in-chief of statewide magazine Dave Campbell's Texas Football. In the interview, Campbell unfolds his past with heartfelt humility often associated with a true leader. Listeners will easily relate to this Wacoan and will be moved by his fascinating and inspiring success story.

"You became a leader early, a family leader, you became a leader in the newspaper and magazine industry later on in life," Haller said. "What prepared you to become the journalistic icon that you have become? Tell us how you got involved in journalism."

"I was always a reader and I liked to read the newspapers, especially the sports pages. But I kept up with the news period." Campbell said.

Plans for a full season of 13 episodes to air throughout the year are in the works. KWBU President and CEO Joe Riley are positive about the Waco community's response and excited about the segment's desired purpose and mission.

"We tell stories about the people of all stripes in Waco that people want a background on," Riley said. "This is a great opportunity to get to know what makes a leader in our community."

Following the example of local leaders like Dave Campbell and the promise of the KWBU mission statement, the station is seeking out ways to continue enriching the lives of Central Texans.

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