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Actor Finds A Rewarding Homecoming At Jubilee Theatre

Oct. 3, 2011

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Where most people would have seen only a condemned building, Mission Waco saw an opportunity. In 1994, Mission Waco purchased six buildings, including a theater, on the corner of 15th and Colcord and slowly restored them to fit the needs of their organization. The Jubilee Theatre re-opened in 1995 for special events and neighborhood programs.

Mission Waco has long provided resources and programs to under-resourced individuals and today, provides a regular forum for the arts ranging from drama to dance and sculpture. The art's ability to empower individuals, foster creativity and to express emotions appeals to Mission Waco's purpose in the community. Jimmy Dorrell, the director of Mission Waco, explains.

In 2010, Mission Waco renovated the Jubilee Theatre replacing the old curtains, installing a larger stage and updating the technology. Upon completion it needed one more thing - a director.

An aspiring actor, Stevie Walker Webb's experience with theatre began at the very place he is now serving, Mission Waco. Participating in Mission Waco's afterschool programs, Walker Webb made connections with his mentors who helped him apply to college and receive scholarships. It was there, in college, that he found his love for theater.

The 243-seat theater serves as a performance space for theater, dance and community gatherings all with the purpose of bringing arts to the neighborhood. As the director of the theater, Stevie Walker Webb does more than help youth memorize their lines or learn how to project their voice; it's about empowering the community. In any given session, you can watch a group of students and volunteers be transformed by Walker Web's energetic personality.

Walker Webb calls it a blessing, an opportunity to serve a community that helped to shape his childhood and led him to his passion. The call to serve was so strong that Walker Webb was willing to put his career on hold to impact the youth he was once a part of.

Classes at the Jubilee Theatre take place in the evening twice a week with plays and other performances through the fall. The play, "Heron and Crane" will be at the theatre in late October. For KWBU News, I'm Elizabeth George.

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