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Local News - April 2014

Extended Interviews

Extended Interview - Kathleen Campbell Walker
[03/15/2013] In 2012, Kathleen Campbell Walker was named the "Go-To Lawyer" for immigration in the state by the Texas Lawyer magazine. KWBU's Becky Fogel spoke with her about the process spouses of U.S. Citizens must go through to become naturalized, themselves. She discussed circumstances that could lead an immigrant's application for naturalization to be denied. (21:03 )

Extended Interview - Maria Elena Upson
[03/15/2013] Maria Elena Upson is a spokeswoman with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. KWBU's Becky Fogel spoke with Upson about the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen. The conversation specifically centered on what it takes to be considered to have "good moral character," one of the requirements for naturalization. (10:17 )

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News Archive - 2014

Date Item
04/24/2014  Local News - Brazos River Basin To Get 'Water Master' (0:53)
The Brazos River Basin will soon have a "water master"--someone to regulate how much water users are pumping out of the river. The water master will collect daily data on how much each user pumps. And as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the position will hold water rights holders accountable if they pump more than their fair share.
04/22/2014  Local News - Officials Say West Disaster Was Preventable (01:02)
Officials at the U.S. Chemical Safety Board have determined that last year's fertilizer plant explosion in West could have been prevented. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/18/2014  Local News - Fine Whiskey From Under A Bridge In Waco (02:10)
The world's great whiskeys usually come from Scotland, Ireland or Kentucky. But if you've ever driven over Waco's 17th street bridge you're driving over a new hot spot for the spirit. The Balcones distillery has gotten so many awards, they're starting to have trouble keeping up with demand. And they're expanding soon. But as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, they want to stay small--and most importantly--in Waco.
04/17/2014  Local News - West One Year Later (01:37)
Today is the anniversary of the explosion that killed 15 and injured over 200 in West. This afternoon city leaders met and gave an update on the city, one year after the blast. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/17/2014  Local News - West Remembers 15 Fallen, 1 Year Later (01:23)
On the one-year anniversary of the fertilizer plant explosion, West remembers the 15 killed and 200 injured by the blast. KWBU?s Ryland Barton reports much of the town gathered at a memorial to remember the fallen.
04/15/2014  Local News - Waco ISD Launches Smart Phone App (01:04)
Waco ISD has launched a smart phone app. The program gives parents and students access to news, events and a teacher directory. And, as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, it'll eventually help parents monitor attendance and grades.
04/14/2014  Local News - After West, Lawmakers Discuss Fertilizer Plant Restrictions (02:02)
Thursday marks the 1-year anniversary of the explosion at the West Fertilizer plant. Today state lawmakers took advice about how to prevent similar disasters from happening in Texas. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the biggest concern is keeping ammonium nitrate fertilizer away from flames.
04/09/2014  Local News - President Obama Memorializes Fort Hood Victims (01:46)
President Obama spoke at a memorial service for the soldiers who were gunned down at Fort Hood last week. He said the country needs make sure those who need mental health services get treatment. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/07/2014  Local News - Investigators Provide Order of Ft. Hood Shooting Events (01:11)
Army officials say the gunman who killed three and wounded sixteen at Fort Hood last week had requested a leave from the base before going on the rampage. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports officials have now pieced together a map of the event.
04/04/2014  Local News - Security Questions Raised After Fort Hood Shooting (0:33)
After Fort Hood's second mass shooting in five years, questions are being raised about security. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/04/2014  Local News - Gov. Perry Meets With Ft. Hood Injured (01:13)
Today Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz met with Fort Hood officials and soldiers injured during Wednesday's shooting. Perry said there weren't any easy answers to the tragedy and he applauded the community's resilience. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/03/2014  Local News - Argument May Have Triggered Fort Hood Shooting (0:44)
Army officials have confirmed that the man who killed three and injured sixteen soldiers before turning the gun on himself at Fort Hood army base was Specialist Ivan Lopez. As Ryland Barton reports, Texas officials are trying to find out if Lopez started shooting after a verbal altercation with other soldiers.
04/02/2014  Local News - Fort Hood Shooter Kills Three, Himself; Injures 16 (02:55)
Four are dead and 16 are injured after a soldier went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood military base yesterday afternoon. The shooter took his own life after a brief standoff with military police. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, officials say the man used a gun bought off-base.
04/01/2014  Local News - Baylor, Scott and White Launch Developmental Disabilities Center (01:41)
Baylor University and McLane Children's hospital have launched a center to serve children with developmental disabilities. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports the center will focus on children with autism, speech and behavioral issues.

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