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Station Activities Survey

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Unless otherwise posted, the KWBU Development Committee meets at 9:00 a.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month at the KWBU office located at 2100 River Street, Waco, TX 76706.

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Corporation for Public Broadcasting Station Activities Survey

Section 6 Local Content & Services

1. Describe your overall goals and approach to address identified community issues, needs, and interests through your station's vital local services, such as multiplatform long and short-form content, digital and in-person engagement, education services, community information, partnership support, and other activities, and audiences you reached or new audiences you engaged.

Through our Central Texas Leadership Series (13 half-hours per season), KWBU hears community leaders' thoughts on Waco/McLennan County, TX's important issues what they are, how they are being (and can be) addressed.

KWBU partners with the Waco Tribune-Herald to produce monthly, hour-long programs of On the Record, recordings of the newspaper's editorial board interviews. In 2013, these programs explored community issues such as area-wide animal control, the work of the Cameron Park Zoo, education funding, the needs of area independent school districts, and issues being addressed by the McLennan County Council.

KWBU produces a minimum of 150 local news stories each year, addressing issues in five areas: education, health care, government, business/economy, and arts/culture. Specific topics addressed in 2013 included improving data on child homelessness; significant increases in child poverty; school curriculum changes; school attendance; the local impact of the Affordable Care Act; the revival of a live-music scene in Waco; municipal water rights; local impact of immigration reform; as well as extensive, timely coverage of the tragic explosion in West, TX.

And KWBU produces Voice of the Arts, a weekly calendar of arts events for Waco/McLennan County, as well as Likely Stories (weekly book reviews), Living Stories (stories from local oral-history archives), and Business Review (stories of local and national business interest).

For FY '14, KWBU plans to continue its local production line-up and to add special community forums to discuss issues of importance to Central Texas.

KWBU continues to reach a general audience with all of its programming. Anecdotally, we know that the Central Texas Leadership Series and On the Record in particular are regularly listened to by community education, government, and business leaders.

KWBU plans to increase its audience by improving its signal reach within McLennan County, TX. The station is in the process of moving its antenna/transmitter to a higher, more effective tower location. Funding for this move is being provided by the Cooper Foundation, Waco Foundation, Baylor University, and contributions from many local individuals.

2. Describe key initiatives and the variety of partners with whom you collaborated, including other public media outlets, community nonprofits, government agencies, educational institutions, the business community, teachers and parents, etc. This will illustrate the many ways you're connected across the community and engaged with other important organizations in the area.

KWBU partners with Waco Tribune-Herald to produce On the Record, a series of monthly hour-long interviews on important community issues.

In 2013, KWBU partnered with Baylor University's Institute for Oral History to produce 17 segments of Living Stories, using audio clips from archived interviews to explore Waco's past through the voices of those who were there.

KWBU also partners with Baylor's Hankamer School of Business to produce The Business Review, a weekly segment that features business topics affecting Waco, Texas, and the nation. Segment topics may include tax tips, stock picks, interviews with local entrepreneurs, or conversations with Texas family businesses.

With McLennan Community College English professor Jim McKeown, KWBU produces Likely Stories, weekly book reviews of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

KWBU is media partner with the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, helping promote nutrition and locally produced foods.

KWBU continues to partner with the Greater Waco Education Alliance (KWBU's president serves on their board), and hosts on our website ( the Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition study (commissioned by the Waco Foundation) examining the needs of children in McLennan County.

3. What impact did your key initiatives and partnerships have in your community? Describe any known measurable impact, such as increased awareness, learning or understanding about particular issues. Describe indicators of success, such as connecting people to needed resources or strengthening conversational ties across diverse neighborhoods. Did a partner see an increase in requests for related resources? Please include direct feedback from a partner(s) or from a person(s) served.

In FY '13, KWBU hosted an event bringing together the presidents of Waco's three institutes of higher education Baylor University, Texas State Technical College, and McLennan Community College to talk about the pressing issues relating to higher education in our community. This was the first time the presidents of all three colleges had spoken together in public. An invited audience of approximately fifty community leaders attended and had the opportunity to join in the conversation through an extensive question-and-answer session with the presidents.

As stated earlier, KWBU continues to partner with the Greater Waco Education Alliance. Education-related stories are a priority for KWBU news reports, and KWBU continues to host the Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition (TECEC) study on its website (, making available important research into the needs of children in McLennan County.

In partnership with the Waco Tribune-Herald, KWBU produces On the Record. By recording and broadcasting the newspaper's editorial board interviews, Waco/McLennan County citizens are provided rare insights into pressing issues and the thought processes of their community leaders.

Bill Whitaker, Waco Tribune-Herald opinion editor and host of On the Record writes:

"The evolving partnership of KWBU-FM and the Waco Tribune-Herald, which in 2013 formally crystalized into the hour-long series "On the Record," has helped both station and newspaper accent more intensely local issues, replicating the lively, comprehensive interviews the Trib does in its editorial board meetings with candidates, newsmakers and policy experts. "On the Record" topics vary widely, ranging from the impact of long-debated animal ordinances in the area, to continuing controversy over the inequities of school finance, to steep challenges facing county government in terms of taxes, property rights and unfunded mandates, to strides made at the local zoo. This isn't the "gotcha journalism" of some radio programming but conversational, engaging and hopefully illuminating programming for all Central Texans who care about the issues that shape and drive their community."

4. Please describe any efforts (e.g. programming, production, engagement activities) you have made to investigate and/or meet the needs of minority and other diverse audiences (including, but not limited to, new immigrants, people for whom English is a second language and illiterate adults) during Fiscal Year 2013, and any plans you have made to meet the needs of these audiences during Fiscal Year 2014. If you regularly broadcast in a language other than English, please note the language broadcast.

In October, 2013, KWBU's Central Texas Leadership Series featured an extensive interview with Ashley Thornton about Act Locally Waco, her website dedicated to spotlighting efforts to alleviate poverty and reach out to marginalized populations within our community.

Also in FY '13, KWBU provided news reports on minority neighborhoods and Waco's economically disadvantaged.

KWBU also provided weekly airings of Latino USA.

5. Please assess the impact that your CPB funding had on your ability to serve your community. What were you able to do with your grant that you wouldn't be able to do if you didn't receive it?

As a small market station, KWBU relies upon CPB funding for all aspects of station operations. We dedicate staff and resources to covering (in long form and shorter multi-part series) issues that go unexamined in the greater Waco mainstream media, including long-form interviews with area leaders about community issues on our Central Texas Leadership Series, plus segment length stories and news reports on minority neighborhoods, immigration, local education initiatives, and issues concerning the economically disadvantaged.

CPB funding also provides an important match-incentive for local fundraising. Approximately 85% of KWBU's funding comes from local (Waco & McLennan County) sources.

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