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04/24/2014  Local News - Brazos River Basin To Get 'Water Master' (0:53)
The Brazos River Basin will soon have a "water master"--someone to regulate how much water users are pumping out of the river. The water master will collect daily data on how much each user pumps. And as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the position will hold water rights holders accountable if they pump more than their fair share.
04/22/2014  Local News - Officials Say West Disaster Was Preventable (01:02)
Officials at the U.S. Chemical Safety Board have determined that last year's fertilizer plant explosion in West could have been prevented. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/18/2014  Local News - Fine Whiskey From Under A Bridge In Waco (02:10)
The world's great whiskeys usually come from Scotland, Ireland or Kentucky. But if you've ever driven over Waco's 17th street bridge you're driving over a new hot spot for the spirit. The Balcones distillery has gotten so many awards, they're starting to have trouble keeping up with demand. And they're expanding soon. But as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, they want to stay small--and most importantly--in Waco.
04/17/2014  Local News - West One Year Later (01:37)
Today is the anniversary of the explosion that killed 15 and injured over 200 in West. This afternoon city leaders met and gave an update on the city, one year after the blast. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/17/2014  Local News - West Remembers 15 Fallen, 1 Year Later (01:23)
On the one-year anniversary of the fertilizer plant explosion, West remembers the 15 killed and 200 injured by the blast. KWBU?s Ryland Barton reports much of the town gathered at a memorial to remember the fallen.
04/15/2014  Local News - Waco ISD Launches Smart Phone App (01:04)
Waco ISD has launched a smart phone app. The program gives parents and students access to news, events and a teacher directory. And, as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, it'll eventually help parents monitor attendance and grades.
04/14/2014  Local News - After West, Lawmakers Discuss Fertilizer Plant Restrictions (02:02)
Thursday marks the 1-year anniversary of the explosion at the West Fertilizer plant. Today state lawmakers took advice about how to prevent similar disasters from happening in Texas. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the biggest concern is keeping ammonium nitrate fertilizer away from flames.
04/09/2014  Local News - President Obama Memorializes Fort Hood Victims (01:46)
President Obama spoke at a memorial service for the soldiers who were gunned down at Fort Hood last week. He said the country needs make sure those who need mental health services get treatment. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/07/2014  Local News - Investigators Provide Order of Ft. Hood Shooting Events (01:11)
Army officials say the gunman who killed three and wounded sixteen at Fort Hood last week had requested a leave from the base before going on the rampage. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports officials have now pieced together a map of the event.
04/04/2014  Local News - Security Questions Raised After Fort Hood Shooting (0:33)
After Fort Hood's second mass shooting in five years, questions are being raised about security. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/04/2014  Local News - Gov. Perry Meets With Ft. Hood Injured (01:13)
Today Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz met with Fort Hood officials and soldiers injured during Wednesday's shooting. Perry said there weren't any easy answers to the tragedy and he applauded the community's resilience. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
04/03/2014  Local News - Argument May Have Triggered Fort Hood Shooting (0:44)
Army officials have confirmed that the man who killed three and injured sixteen soldiers before turning the gun on himself at Fort Hood army base was Specialist Ivan Lopez. As Ryland Barton reports, Texas officials are trying to find out if Lopez started shooting after a verbal altercation with other soldiers.
04/02/2014  Local News - Fort Hood Shooter Kills Three, Himself; Injures 16 (02:55)
Four are dead and 16 are injured after a soldier went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood military base yesterday afternoon. The shooter took his own life after a brief standoff with military police. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, officials say the man used a gun bought off-base.
04/01/2014  Local News - Baylor, Scott and White Launch Developmental Disabilities Center (01:41)
Baylor University and McLane Children's hospital have launched a center to serve children with developmental disabilities. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports the center will focus on children with autism, speech and behavioral issues.
03/28/2014  Local News - Rapoport Academy Renovates Old Paul Quinn Building (03:04)
Waco's Rapoport Academy is renovating an old building on its campus. It's one of the first projects in the Texas Main Street development along East Waco's Elm Avenue. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports the school is financing the project with a mix of private donations and help from the city.
03/27/2014  Local News - Anita Perry Celebrates Waco As 'Texas Main Street City' (01:02)
Texas first lady Anita Perry was in Waco this afternoon. She spoke at an event celebrating Waco's selection as a Texas Main Street City. The designation means Waco will get free consulting services from the Texas Historical Commission. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports East Waco's Elm Street has been selected as an area to be revitalized.
03/26/2014  Local News - The Growing Fight Against Standardized Testing (03:24)
There's been a lot of push back against standardized testing in Texas and across the country. Last year Texas lawmakers passed a law reducing the number of state exams a highschooler has to take from 15 to five. Author Ron Berler followed one Connecticut high school as students and teachers agonized over exams over the course of a year. Berler will be speaking tonight at the Baylor School of Education. KWBU's Ryland Barton talked with him about his book, "Raising the Curve."
03/26/2014  Local News - Texas Lawmakers Review Education Standards (01:03)
Texas lawmakers took testimony about HB 5, the bill that reduced standardized testing and changed high school graduation requirements. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, many districts complained standardized tests were still too complicated.
03/25/2014  Local News - Lawmakers Review Troubled Juvenile Justice System (01:42)
Two committees at the Texas Legislature are reviewing the juvenile criminal system today. The outgoing chair for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department has come under fire for being the head of what some call a broken system. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
03/21/2014  Local News - Baylor Men's Basketball Rolls Over Nebraska Huskers (0:30)
Baylor's Men's basketball team has beaten the Nebraska cornhuskers 74 to 60 in the second round of the NCAA tournament. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports Nebraska fans outnumbered Baylor fans three-to-one.
03/21/2014  Local News - 40 Dogs Euthanized In Rabies Precaution (01:11)
The Waco Animal shelter will euthanize forty dogs by the end of today. Much of the shelter's population was exposed to a dog infected with rabies. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the dog was brought to the shelter last week and only started exhibiting signs of the disease earlier this week.
03/19/2014  Local News - Waco Artist Arrested for Prada Marfa Vandalism (01:02)
According to the Waco Tribune, Joe Magnano, the Waco artist charged with vandalizing an art installation outside of Marfa in West Texas, has admitted to the crime. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
03/18/2014  Local News - Oracle CEO To Speak At Baylor Global Business Forum (01:24)
Tomorrow Baylor University's business school will host their annual Global Business Forum. The topic this year is Big Data and the keynote address will be given by the president of Oracle Corporation, Mark Hurd. Ryland Barton reports Hurd got his bachelor's degree in business from Baylor in 1979.
03/18/2014  Local News - Waco To Change Drought Plan (01:28)
The Waco City Council will discuss changing its drought contingency plan tomorrow. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports the number of drought stages will be reduced from six to four.
03/17/2014  Local News - Lake Waco Boating Restrictions To Prevent Zebra Mussels' Spread (01:20)
Mclennan County has been added to a list of counties where boaters will have to drain water from boats and fishing buckets after being out on the lake. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the rule goes into effect this Sunday.
03/13/2014  Local News - Protecting the Texas Lesser Prairie Chicken (02:29)
The Texas Lesser Prairie Chicken has caused a lot of drama for West Texas ranchers over the years. Agricultural, wind and oil development on the plains has threatened the species, and could force landowners to change their practices. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is deciding whether to list the bird as an endangered spacies.
03/12/2014  Local News - Hewitt Man Reindicted for 1988 Arson Killings (01:25)
A Hewitt man formerly convicted of burning his two stepsons alive in a backyard shed in 1988 has been reindicted. Ed Graf was serving a life sentence for the murders of Joby and Jason Graf until he was awarded a retrial last year. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
03/11/2014  Local News - Endangered Whooping Cranes Migrate Through Waco (01:34)
Be on the lookout for whooping cranes in Waco. The endangered birds are making their annual 2,400 mile flight up to Canada around this time of year. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
03/10/2014  Local News - Wildflower Forecast 2014 (0:35)
The spring wildflower season has begun. Bluebonnets, indian blankets and Texas stars have been germinating during the winter and warmer temperatures are going to bring out the blooms. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
03/07/2014  Local News - Boosting School Breakfast in Texas (02:33)
Texas schools served almost 310 million breakfasts during the 2012-2013 school year. That's according to the Texas Hunger Initiative at Baylor University. They've just released their Texas School Breakfast report card, which measures school breakfast participation. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, their research shows that students who consistently eat breakfast perform better in school.
03/07/2014  Local News - La Vega Girls Ball Win State Championship (01:55)
Last week the La Vega girls basketball team won the 3A state championship. The last time the La Vega girls went to state was before many of the current players were born. But as KWBU's Alexis Cubit reports, La Vega's Current girls basketball coach was on that team.
03/07/2014  Local News - Tradinghouse Power Plant Demolished (01:26)
If you heard a big boom driving around North East Waco around 9:30 this morning, don't worry--it was just the old Tradinghouse Power Plant coming down. Luminant owns the plant and they're demolishing the site over the next few months. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, Luminant says they might build a new plant there...maybe.
03/06/2014  Local News - Fertilizer Lobby Group Advocates Self Regulation (01:51)
Two lobbying groups for the fertilizer industry announced yesterday they'll be encouraging retailers to take voluntary safety inspections. The announcement comes amid increased scrutiny on businesses that handle dangerous chemicals in the wake of the West, Texas explosion. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
03/04/2014  Local News - Civil Rights Messages on Gospel's B-Sides (02:55)
During the Civil Rights Movement, there were strong ties between activists and gospel artists. What few people know is just how far these artists went to support the movement. KWBU's reporting intern Alexis Cubit reports.
03/04/2014  Local News - MCC to Offer Hospitality Degree (01:01)
Mclennan Community College is going to start offering a hospitality degree. Students will be able to get a 60-hour associate's degree or a one-year certificate in hospitality management. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports Waco-area hotels say they need more qualified workers.
03/03/2014  Local News - State Fire Marshal Warns Dangers of Ammonium Nitrate (01:54)
The state fire marshal is meeting with local officials and business leaders across Texas to discuss the dangers of ammonium nitrate. That's the chemical that caused the explosion at the West Fertilizer plant last April. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the tour comes ahead of new regulations of the chemical, which might be proposed at next year's state legislative session.
03/03/2014  Local News - 2014 Party Primary Preview (01:35)
Today Texas Republicans and Democrats head to the polls to vote for who's going to be on the ballot in November. Though some positions are pretty well-secured, KWBU's Ryland Barton reports at least one race is going to be contested.
02/27/2014  Local News - Richland Mall To Get Multi-Million Dollar Makeover (01:48)
It's a reality of the digital age: brick-and-mortar stores have to compete with online retailers. But amidst the battle, Waco's Richland Mall is getting a multi-million dollar makeover. That had us asking, what?s the mall have that the Internet doesn't? KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
02/25/2014  Local News - More Than Drums At Baylor Percussion Symposium (02:16)
This weekend is the fourth annual Baylor Percussion Symposium. It's a two-day festival of master classes and new music performances--all on instruments like vibraphone, marimba, drums and vibraslap. And as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the keynote concert will sound less like marching band and more like Super Mario.
02/21/2014  Local News - Ancient Apes' Climate Becomes A Little Clearer (03:29)
Scientists haven't ever been able to definitively pinpoint what kind of habitats our evolutionary ancestors preferred. In the past, fossils have often been collected without researching the ancient climate of the area. But two Baylor scientists have made the connection. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, they found early ape fossils in the remains of a prehistoric forest.
02/17/2014  Local News - Baylor's Equestrian Team No. 2 In Nation (02:34)
The Baylor Bears are the number two team in the nation. But it's not the sports team you'd think it is. KWBU's reporting intern Alex Cubit reports.
02/14/2014  Local News - AJ Moore Academy Hones Professional Skills (02:20)
Over the past nine years, a tax program at University High School has processed almost 13,000 tax returns. The IRS recognizes it as the largest student-run tax assistance program in the country. KWBU's reporting intern Alex Cubit reports it's part of a program that gives students professional experience even before they graduate.
02/07/2014  Local News - West Investigation Delayed By WVA Spill (0:59)
The investigation of the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion has been put on hold. Investigators have been rerouted to Charleston West Virginia's chemical spill. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
02/07/2014  Local News - Gov. Candidate Wendy Davis Surprises With Open Carry Support (01:18)
Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has joined Republican candidate Greg Abbot in supporting a proposed "open carry" law in Texas. It would allow people with concealed handgun licenses to carry a pistol in full view, while in public. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, Davis' position put her at odds with gun control advocates.
02/05/2014  Local News - Farm Bill Eliminates Direct Payments, Preserves Safety Net (02:35)
The new Farm Bill puts an end to direct payments to American farmers. Direct payments were once considered to be an important safety net for the unpredictable agriculture industry. But now, the tone has shifted. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
02/04/2014  Local News - Baylor and Kansas NBA Prospects Match Up (02:00)
Tuesday night, four potential NBA draft picks will go head-to-head as Baylor faces off against Kansas in Waco. Kansas is coming off a loss, but Baylor pulled off an upset win over the weekend. And the Bears are hoping to build up some momentum. KWBU's reporting intern Alex Cubit reports.
01/30/2014  Local News - County Considers Consolidating JP Precincts (02:23)
McLennan County's Commissioners' court is looking into eliminating one of the Justice of the Peace precincts in the county. Proponents say it'll help cut costs and shrink bureaucracy. But others say the costs would end up getting absorbed by other precincts at the expense of efficiency. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
01/27/2014  Local News - 50 Years After Baylor's Integration (02:38)
50 years ago this semester, Baylor became an integrated university. Since then, Baylor's black and minority populations have increased dramatically. KWBU's reporting intern Alexis Cubit asks how far has Baylor come?
01/24/2014  Local News - Will Zebra Mussels Invade Lake Waco? (02:29)
Zebra mussels have been found in Lake Lavon in North Texas. That's the sixth lake in Texas the invasive species has reached, creating problems for boaters, power companies, and anyone who depends on submerged surfaces that the critters can attach to. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports that Lake Waco might be able to avoid the outbreak with the help of local boaters.
01/23/2014  Local News - Baylor Tops Out New Stadium (02:27)
Baylor has placed the last beam at the top of its new Mclane Football Stadium. Well, they were supposed to. Wind kept the construction crew from using the crane to "top out" the project. Still, the project is on track and 60% complete. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports that the construction crew celebrated with a big lunch and a raffle and then got back to work.
01/21/2014  Local News - Baylor's Gospel Collection Heads to the Smithsonian (02:35)
Baylor professor Bob Darden is looking for old records that no one remembers. The music is for Baylor's Black Gospel Music Collection and in the fall of 2015, the collection's going be part of a new Smithsonian museum in Washington DC. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
01/13/2014  Local News - 'Gassing' Ban Could Hurt Rattlesnake Roundups (03:50)
Rattlesnake hunters sometimes use gasoline fumes to force snakes from their dens. It's a controversial practice that's often used to gather large numbers of snakes for rattlesnake roundup festivals. Activists say the practice unintentionally kills underground creatures and contaminates groundwater. Texas Parks and Wildlife is considering a ban. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, organizers for the World's Largest Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas say a ban would hit their community hard.
01/10/2014  Local News - Promoting Healthy Living in East Waco (02:39)
East Waco has some of the highest rates of obesity and chronic disease in McLennan County. To try and fix that, the city is funding projects that encourage healthy living in the area. So far funds have been used on projects like bike lanes, community gardens and education programs. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports that two years into the project, the city is trying to find better ways to improve the health of the area.
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