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Tonya Lewis

Tonya Lewis

Malory Green

Malory Green

Ben Murray

Ben Murray

Graduate Students' Testimonials

What grad students think about our department...

Graduate class

"One of the most exciting aspects of graduate school is the opportunity to learn and conduct research with published faculty who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of journalism. I believe the curriculum and structure of the program coupled with great teaching will fully prepare me to apply and be successful in a top-tier journalism doctoral program."

-Tonya Lewis

"The professors here are supportive in my academics as well as my personal well-being and are clear that they want to do all they can to help me achieve my dreams. They teach us as equals and trust us to gain experience by being a part of the important research they are doing in the field of Journalism. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice in pursuing my graduate degree at Baylor."

-Malory Green

"Through the guidance of my professors, I've been pushed to improve my research and writing skills. The classes here focus on current issues while teaching you to develop and communicate your thoughts more effectively. I know this program will prepare me for whatever career path I choose in the future."

-Ben Murray

MIJ Student Experiences Life in Peru

Meredith Millard

Baylor MIJ graduate student Meredith Millard spent the summer in Huancayo, Junin, Peru, working for Blue Sparrow, a nonprofit organization that explores the use of information and communication technologies for social development.

Millard said she received innumerable lessons about the difficulties in cross-cultural communication. She is proud of how much she learned and how much her communication style has changed as a result.

"I will look back on this summer as the best of my life and as an incredible learning experience," she said. "I cannot wait to return to Huancayo and continue my work with Blue Sparrow and my awe-inspiring students."