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Dr. Clark Baker Profile

Baylor Professor Still Capturing His Passion

By Morgan Hanley, News-Ed Student

Dr. Clark Baker has worked at Baylor for 20 years, five of those years he served as the chair of the department. He has done great amounts of photography work in his years at Baylor contributing to Focus magazine aside from teaching his numerous photography classes.

"Our new digital photo lab would not have happened without Dr. Baker's vision and leadership." Dr. Sara Stone said. "He also was instrumental in hiring Curtis Callaway as a photo instructor."

In the past, he has contributed his work to many companies and publications. He lived and worked in Australia for a while before he decided to become a photography professor at Baylor. During his time in Australia some of his clients included, Vogue Australia and the Australian Ballet Company. Baker also dabbled in advertisement in his early years working for Bikeboards Advertisement among others. His photography has been a tremendous success being published and exhibited in many places. He has had exhibits of his photography at Louisiana State University's Union Art Gallery and University Photography. In addition to his exhibits, Baker also had has book published by TexasA&M University Press about six years ago covering rural churches in Texas.

"We wanted to interview and capture photos of these little country churches and figure out how they have been able to stay alive due to the small population and rural location," Baker said.

Currently he is working on a new project with his photos of Italy from his summer abroad program.

" I am working on editing my photographs of Italy," Baker said. " I am trying to compose them to submit them to a university in Italy or University Photography for an exhibit."

Baker looks forward to returning to Italy withBaylor abroad studentsagain this summer.

"Beside teaching the photography courses in Florence, Dr. Baker has had significant input into the program's structure." Professor Maxey Parrish said. "He came up with the idea of creating a field school where we use professors over there to teach art, history, architecture and other topics in the field. And he devised the holistic teaching method we employ.

He will be able to capture more photos of architecture and street life for his collection in hopes of a near future exhibition.