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Carol Perry

Carol Perry and her two dogs
Tazer and Chico.

Professor Carol Perry

Carol Perry: Design With A Purpose

By Landen Ellis, Public Relations Major

Walking through Castellaw, Baylor's journalism building, you'd be hard- pressed to find someone who hasn't experienced a welcoming smile or warm hug from Carol Perry. From her artistic career, to becoming a professor, to her service to the City of Waco for more than 20 years, Perry is one of the most qualified professors Baylor University has ever seen.

Growing up with a father in the military, Perry had the unique opportunity to see the world. "When I was very little my mother said she could keep me out of trouble by giving me a piece of paper and a crayola," Perry said. "I loved to color I didn't mind coloring in the lines but mine had had to be prettier than everyone else's."

After recognizing her talent and with the support and encouragement from her family, Perry continued her education at Texas Christian University where she majored in art. She then went on to get her masters at Texas Women's University in painting and art history.

"At first I thought I wanted to be a medical illustrator so I took a lot of biology courses, but God had something else in mind for me," Perry said.

Perry ended up in Waco working for the city as a public information officer. While working for Waco, she wore many different hats. Perry was responsible for city public relations, print productions, media relations, initiation and management of government access cable television stations and crisis management. She was the city's liaison to the press during the Branch Davidian standoff. Perry also designed the famous Waco W.

Despite her extensive and impressive resume with the City of Waco her favorite memory was working with the Waco Independent School District. "I worked for public schools, they understand the relationship of the general public and children," Perry said. "If you have someone's child you have the most precious thing to them in the world, that is a special gift."

After many incredible years of working for the City of Waco, Perry ended up teaching at Baylor University. She currently teaches Media Design, Writing for Media Markets and Advanced Editing. Perry shares her office area with photography Professor Curtis Callaway.

"Carol is a remarkably talented woman with such a passion for her students and a real desire to see them succeed," Callaway said. "It's encouraging to work closely with a colleague like her."

Not only do her peers respect her but her students also adore her. "She can brighten your day with how easily she finds ways to shower you with compliments," said senior PR major Hannah Mount. "She really does love her students, it is evident in everything she does to help us thrive in a competitive industry."

Perry also has an incredible talent that few discover until they really get to know her. She is an iconographer and paints immaculate paintings inspired by 15th century traditional Russian iconography. When she is not in the classroom she is at home creating beautiful masterpieces that oftentimes end up in churches.

"Faith and art are two things I am passionate about," Perry said. "I just love having the unique opportunity to combine the two, it brings me so much joy."

With a passion for students and an impressive resume, Perry is just one of the many outstanding professors in the Castellaw Communications building. More often than not you will see her accompanied by at least one of her massive dogs that everyone in the department has grown to love.

She starts each day bright and early with a smile and her love for Baylor's journalism program is evident.

"One thing I will say about PR is that never once have I found it boring," Perry said. "And I absolutely love that!"