Baylor University

Jordan Lloyd

Baylor alumna speaks for past professor

By Lisa Danis, senior marketing and Spanish major

WACO, Texas - Baylor alumna, Jordan Lloyd, spoke to students on Feb. 6 in the same classroom where she studied just two years ago at Baylor University. Lloyd, a communication specialist for the marketing department at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, provided students with insight on making the transition from the classroom to the workforce.

Lloyd came to Baylor University in 2006 to study business, but switched her major to public relations and minored in business.

During her time at Baylor, Lloyd held internships with the Baylor Roundup yearbook and the Wacoan magazine that helped sharpen her overall business skills. Lloyd recommended that if at all possible, the students should obtain internships to gain this vital experience.

Lloyd shared that one of the greatest challenges she faced when starting at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen was the realization that her managers and coworkers expected her to know what she was doing, even though she was new. However, she soon realized that she could do it and had been well equipped by her prior work experience and studies.

Marlene Neill, Lloyd's past professor, asked her to share with the class how her courses at Baylor University prepared her for her current role. Lloyd explained that her role involves heavy writing related to social media, graphic design and franchise support. Her courses exposed her to a diverse assortment of writing styles so she could adapt her style depending on the project.

"I was impressed by the range of what she does, the number of people she represents and the number of voices she writes in," said student Gretchen Gruenberg, an accounting major.

A large aspect of Lloyd's role involves social media. She shared with the students how she helped expand the company's social media presence.

"Don't be surprised if they have no social media presence and expect you to do it," she said.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen started out with 50 likes on Facebook so Lloyd decided to increase growth through a sweepstake. The first sweepstake was for a coffee table book and increased the number of likes by 300. The second was for a Kitchen Aid mixer and increased the number of likes by 700 the first day.

Lloyd shared that the key to social media success is involvement.

"People feel more comfortable being a cheerleader because they have the platform to do it," Lloyd said.

Lloyd stressed the importance of considering a company's culture when looking for a job because of the amount of time spent in the office. She challenged students to ask employees of the company they are interviewing for what they like about the culture and people with whom they work.

At the end of the speaking engagement, students had many questions for Lloyd regarding her experiences and advice.
"She works in a field where things have not been set yet, and she never knows what she is doing every day," said Stanley Shen, an entrepreneurship major.

Lloyd plans to continue her career with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.