Baylor University


Recent Baylor graduate Amanda Molleur
has landed her post-graduation job
at Bury+Partners.

Amanda Molleur

Molleur Takes Baylor Skills to Workplace

By Brooke Bailey, News-Editorial Student

Amanda Molleur works as a marketing coordinator for Bury+Partners in Austin. As a recent Baylor graduate, Molleur says that she feels well prepared in the workplace, thanks to the journalism department.

Molleur wears several hats on the job. As marketing coordinator, she works on a team with four other girls, and together they support the engineers and designers at the firm. The job includes cranking out press releases, social media content, email marketing campaigns, as well as planning social events and coordinating tradeshow exhibits and event sponsorships.

Time at Baylor

Taking classes like Professor Carol Perry's design class prepared Molleur for the InDesign work she has on the job. Molleur says every class "felt like a celebration of creativity." She is forever grateful for the encouragement for her designs and writing she received. Perry reflects on Molleur's work in her classes as always looking elegant.

"Her work was beautifully done, but always with a special flare," Perry says.

In addition to design skills, Molleur says that timeliness is also something she is grateful to have learned at Baylor:

"Whether it was a simple class assignment or a big project, the deadlines of the journalism program help you to adjust to heavy workloads you'll face as a public relations specialist or journalist."

During her time at Baylor, Molleur invested fully. She was heavily involved in Public Relations Student Society of America,, a sorority, many internships and even studied abroad in Maastricht. Molleur recalls studying abroad as her best college decision.

Professor Maxey Parrish, one of the directors of the Baylor in Maastricht program, said that during her time in Maastricht, he "could see somebody that had this adventurous spirit and curiosity to learn and desire to experience new and different things, and that was impressive in somebody who was so young."

Life in the Real World

The transition from college world into the working world was an adjustment for Molleur. One of the biggest challenges was learning how to sit at an office desk all day. There are no big breaks like the ones you get in college, Molleur said. Although she knew life as a working woman would be different, Molleur says that she embraced the change with confidence thanks to the journalism department.

As for advice to Baylor college students, Molleur recommends interning, shadowing and volunteering at every chance. She was told that this is what made her stand out when interviewing for jobs. Molleur added, "To sum it all up, make the most of your time at Baylor. You'll keep those connections for years to come."