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Trevor Allison Head Start

Trevor Allison interviewed members of Head Start
to promote awareness for the program in hopes
of gaining support and funding.

Photo credit: Carol Perry

Trevor Allison

Combining Passion for Video and Helping Others

Baylor journalism student, Trevor Allison, creates a short promotional documentary video to gain awareness for Head Start.

By Molly Dunn, News Editorial student

With a big heart and a love for creating and editing video, Trevor Allison, a senior from Floyds Knobs, Ind., designed a short documentary video to promote awareness for a Fredericksburg educational program, Stonewall Head Start.

Head Start is a national preschool program that accepts children from ages 3 to 5 years old from families who are below a certain income level.

Stonewall Head Start encompasses the facility in Stonewall and also the Fredericksburg facility.

Allison made a video to promote awareness for the specific chapter in Fredericksburg, Stonewall Head Start. He said the program not only benefits the children enrolled in the school, but the families as well.

Head Start makes sure the children receive adequate education while also ensuring each family has good living conditions.

"Sometimes the Head Start program is such a high quality compared to other preschools that people will actually pay for their kid to go to Head Start," Allison said.

"Head Start provides education™They have case workers who go check out the families; they provide dental care, health care and sometimes food for families."

When he came to Baylor, Allison started pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in film and digital media, but decided to change his major to journalism, specifically news-editorial. Having a film background helped Allison with this project, significantly.

"I like doing more documentary style things, like this," Allison said. "This is probably the highest quality and most real-world usage I've gotten for anything."

Allison's work impresses journalism professors

To create the documentary, Allison worked with two professors in the journalism department: Curtis Callaway and Carol Perry.

Perry said Allison decided to work on this project because he has a passion for helping others and wants to use his talents in such a manner.

"We decided, we are journalism-PR, what can we do to help these people make this financial match with the government so that these kids can be served," Perry said. "So Trevor, typical of Trevor, wants to make a difference - that's who Trevor Allison is... he wants to do something that helps other people."

Allison took on a difficult task to create a promotional video to help an organization where government funds have been cut by 25 percent.

"He went away and gave up his weekend," Perry said. "It's hard work; it's a long day and a lot of pressure to get it just right. He edited the whole thing and that's really where a lot of the work is and he really made it look fabulous."

Heard Start receives donations following preview of Allison's video

Carolyn Stewart, co-chairman of the "Empty Bowl" project, a fundraiser in Fredericksburg to raise money for Head Start, acknowledged Allison's passion for this video and organization.

The "Empty Bowl" project was hosted by The Friends of Head Start on March 2.

"We've enjoyed working with Trevor so much," Stewart said. "He had fresh eyes with everything he saw. He was in awe of the whole process."

The fundraiser's goal was to raise $10,000 for Stonewall Head Start. The fundraiser brought in about $6,800 Friday night, and more money has continued to come in, Stewart said.

To go along with his short documentary, Allison put together a short public service announcement for Head Start short public service announcement for Head Start to help promote awareness and funding for the Stonewall program.

This PSA video, along with the documentary, was sent to media contacts in Austin, Fredericksburg, San Antonio and Pflugerville.

"Trevor is pretty remarkable," Perry said. "When I think of Trevor, I think he's a brick. He'll get the job done and no fuss, he'll figure it out."

With all of the hard work and dedication to this project, Allison created a video that has spread to multiple community organizations to spread the message that Head Start needs support and funding to continue to educate their children.

"I think Trevor is one of those young men who can do anything he puts his mind to," Perry said, "and he has such a good heart. I miss having him in class this semester."