Baylor University


Research Facilities

Baylor's Moody Library has more than one million volumes, and there are more than 150,000 volumes in the School of Law library. The Texas Collection and the J.M. Dawson Church-State Research Center offer additional library resources. The Institute of Environmental Studies has a fully equipped laboratory. Students have access to Lexis/Nexis and other computer program resources. The Electronic Library maintains access to a plethora of online research engines, while campus computer labs provide workstations and printers as well as Apple and Dell computers. Wired magazine has Baylor listed as one of the Most Wired Campuses in the United States.

Journalism, Public Relations & New Media Facilities

The Department is housed on the second floor of the Castellaw Communications Center in the northwest corner of campus. Student writing and editing labs include Apple computers and laser printers, as well the latest in editing, writing, Web and design software. An NPR station are additional options for training. Graduate students may use other computer stations on campus to access the Internet or for additional software options. The department updates library holdings in journalism and mass communication several times each semester to ensure students have access to the most recent writings in their field.