Baylor University

A Day in the Life...

Find a balance and become amazed with what you can handle

By Rebekah Hardage, journalism major

As she opens up her planner, Amy McGauhey, a senior public relations major from Houston, realizes she is going to have another busy week. Between class, an internship and social activities, McGauhey has become quite good at multi-tasking.

McGauhey understands having a passion for what she does and giving it her all will help her maintain a balance in her hectic schedule.

Like many college students, McGauhey didn't know what she wanted to study when she arrived at Baylor. She started off as a music major, but found herself looking for a change her second semester.

"A good friend and I were on the way home from a movie and I told her I was thinking about changing my major. She told me she was in public relations. I didn't really know what that meant, but I thought it was worth a try."

Her questions were soon answered and she knew she had found a place where she fit in, the Department of Journalism & Media Arts. She discovered her love for creative writing and building relations through public relations.

Not long after she changed her major, McGauhey began to become involved in the Baylor community. She joined Mortarboard and the Public Relations Student Society of America.

She is also a marketing intern at the Dwyer Group and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, where she served as float chair for two years.

Even being involved in all of these activities, McGauhey found time to keep her grades up and was recently named Who's Who Among American College Students.

"I had to figure out early on what I was capable of handling and how to best manage my time," she said. "I learned to utilize those little pockets in the day, the ones you would rather use to take a nap, in a more productive manner."

McGauhey explains the enjoyment of her classes helps her stay committed to doing the work they require.

"First and foremost, my goal is to be a good writer and the Department of Journalism & Media Arts has really helped prepare me. But more than that, I have found mentors who challenge me to do my very best.

"Anytime I am frustrated or unsure of myself, there are people there to remind me that I am good at what I do and to constantly help me find ways to improve."

As she closes her planner, she smiles and realizes she may be busy, but she can handle it because what really matters is that she is enjoying every minute.