Teaching, Learning & Technology Committee


The goals of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identifying effective combinations of teaching methods and technology
  • Sharing successful implementations
  • Investigating new tools and capabilities
  • Providing a campus focal point for the distribution of information to faculty about instructional technology
  • Providing feedback to the Electronic Library and the Academy for Teaching and Learning regarding technology for teaching and learning
This committee reports to the Office of the Provost.


  • Two faculty representatives from the College of Arts & Sciences (one from the humanities and one from the sciences)
  • One faculty representative from each of the other schools:
    • Graduate School
    • Honors College
    • Law School
    • School of Business
    • School of Education
    • School of Engineering & Computer Science
    • School of Music
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Social Work
    • Truett Seminary
  • One faculty representative from the University Libraries
  • Two student representatives (one undergraduate, one graduate)
  • One representative from ITS, ex officio
  • One executive staff member from the Office of the Provost, ex officio
  • One representative (director or assistant director) from the Academy for Teaching & Learning, ex officio

The 2011-2012 Committee is comprised of:

  • Bennett, Sandra M.
    Electronic Library -- Online Teaching Support, ex officio
  • Bratton, Susan
    Environmental Science, 2014
  • Brown, Michelle R.
    Family and Consumer Sciences, 2014
  • Cronin, Vincent
    Geology, 2014
  • Dunbar, John
    Geology -- Graduate Faculty Member, 2012
  • Filgo, Ellen M.
    University Libraries, 2012
  • Kimball, Doug
    Undergraduate Student Representative, 2012
  • Logan, Tim
    Electronic Library, ex officio
  • Marks, Brian
    Keyboard Studies, 2013
  • McClain, Steve
    Mechanical Engineering, 2013
  • Meira, Addy
    Graduate Student Representative, 2012
  • Meyer, Rachelle
    Curriculum and Instruction, 2014
  • Norden, Janet Burke
    MFL - Spanish, 2013
  • Orr, Pattie
    Dean of Libraries/VP for Information Technology, ex officio
  • Reid, Steven
    Truett Seminary, 2012
  • Rogers, Robin K. (Chair)
    School of Social Work, 2013
  • Tucker, Cheryl
    Nursing, 2012
  • Wright, Lenore
    Director, Academy for Teaching and Learning, ex officio
For more information contact Rob_Rogers@baylor.edu