Library/ITS Student Advisory Group


The goal of the Library/ITS Advisory Council includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Ensuring purposeful communication regarding information technology and the libraries with the university community.
  • Allowing the libraries and information technology staff to fine-tune communications.
  • Providing meaningful input and feedback and advice on the roll-out of new technologies and programs.
  • Assisting in allowing the information technology and libraries staff make the best choices.
  • Assisting in the assessment of information technology and libraries services and programs.
  • Serving as a vehicle to help the information technology and libraries team make sound decisions and test ideas.
  • Providing cogent suggestions and recommendations, while leaving decisions to the libraries/ITS team.

The Assistant Dean and Director of Central Libraries recruits, appoints, and convenes the Library/ITS Student Advisory Group. The group consists of the following members:

  • Assistant Dean and Director of Central Libraries
  • Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services
  • Director of Client Services, Electronic Library
  • Associate Director of Central Libraries
  • Two undergraduate students recommended by Student Government
  • Two graduate students recommended by the Graduate Student Association
  • At-large undergraduate student representatives from all classes and a variety of majors
  • At-large graduate student representatives from a variety of programs

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