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Book Shifters
Joanna Downey of Lorena, left, and three other student assistants helped their supervisor, Robert Lugo, move a lot of books over the summer. All the E's (U.S. history) were moved from the third to the second floor of Moody Library. The workers also shifted several other areas and plan to relocate even more books in the future. Other students who assisted the circulation staff with the moves were Samantha Dunbar, Bradley Garza and Bryce Beverly. (Photo by Mary Goolsby)

Where Did U.S. History Go?

Crowded shelves continue to challenge library staff to find creative ways to make room for additional books.

Circulation Services personnel relocated all “general collection” books with E call numbers (United States history) from third floor of Moody Library to the west end of Moody’s second floor. Staff then shifted books with A – D call numbers to take advantage of the space where the E’s had been.

In the process, employees also checked to ensure all books were in proper order on the shelves.

As part of a ongoing effort to improve the condition of the stacks, our inventory process is continuing with the P’s (language and literature materials, Moody first floor). We plan to conduct an inventory of 20 percent of the collection during this academic year.

Jeff Steely, Library Client Services