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Call Down

Jan. 1, 2003

by Bob Hartland

Have you ever suspected a problem but did not know what was wrong? Have you ever wanted to get an update on a known problem? A voice mailbox "DOWN" (3696) is now being used to record the status of network or computer system outages. The message includes the time of the outage, the status of the problem, the time of the next update or the estimated time to restore service if known. The mailbox can be accessed by anyone by dialing 3696 from on campus or 710-3696 from off campus. The final update for an outage will remain on the mailbox through noon of the next business day along with the announcement stating that all systems are operational. We request that all individuals suspecting a problem with one of the systems, to check DOWN first. This is the best way to stay informed while allowing the Help desk and ITS personnel to focus on the issues needed to resolve the outage.