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IT Disaster Plan Survey

March 1, 2003

by Charlotte Lenox

Baylor department heads were recently invited to participate in an opinion survey to help ITS set priorities for restoring University computer systems in event of a disaster. Respondents listed the following twelve services in priority order as being the most important.

Telephones, campus and voicemail

Telephones, local

Telephones, long distance


Banner systems (Payroll, Student Information Systems, etc.)

Internet access

ID System (Card readers, door access, BearBucks)



Printing and file sharing


Faculty/Staff dial-in

In event of a disaster, ITS would allocate resources based on the priorities listed above. This is not to say that items high on the list must be completely restored before attention is given to items with lower priority. All available resources will be distributed in a manner that will restore the greatest number of systems in the shortest amount of time. The nature of the disaster would dictate the exact sequence of restoration, but this list shows the priorities for resources.

Thanks to all the department heads who took the time to participate in the survey. We very much appreciate your opinions.