Network Service Interruptions

December 22, 2006
During the renovation of the Sid Richardson building, ITS has been charged with moving one of the campus's three largest networking hubs from its current location in the basement of that building to the first floor. Although a large undertaking, this move will provide a more reliable and higher level of service in the future.

As with most projects, timelines change, but currently it appears there will have to be some service interruptions over the Christmas break and into the first two-weeks of January. More accurate timelines will be provided once the availability of supplies and contractors have been confirmed. Different buildings will have different services affected including telephone, internet access, printing, email, and access to computer systems in the Dutton Street Parking Garage server rooms, as examples. The only campus-wide service outage will be cable TV, as this hub is also the master control for CATV. The outages may range from 20 minutes to two-three hours in duration with the majority being planned for after 6:00 pm.

Our goal is to post details including scheduled times several days prior to the outage on the ITS web site front page. You may want to check this site daily beginning shortly after Christmas day.
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Again, we apologize in advance for any inconveniences these outages may cause, but all care is being taken to make sure this required move creates the least amount of disruption possible. The areas that will have some level of service interruptions are:

<b>Buildings Affected (Minor outages < 20 minutes)</b>
Alumni<br>Baylor Energy Complex<br>BDSC<br>Burleson<br>Crenshaw<br>Draper<br>Dutton PG<br>Law<br>Marrs<br>McLean Science<br>McCrary<br>Marrs McLean Gym<br>Stacy Riddle<br>Robinson Tower<br>Residential Halls (CATV will be out for several days)<br>Rogers<br>Tidwell<br>Truett<br>Weithorn

<b>Buildings Affected (Outages of several hours)</b>
Albritton<br>Art<br>Baylor Science Building<br>Castellaw<br>Dallas Nursing<br>Goebel<br>Hooper<br>HSB<br>Jones<br>KWBU<br>Moody<br>North Village<br>Physical Plant<br>Poage<br>Russell Gym<br>Sid Rich<br>Student Life Center<br>Speight Street PG
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