Baylor University's cable TV provider

May 30, 2005
Baylor recently issued a bid for a new cable television contract. Grande Communications won the bid and is now Baylor University's Cable TV provider. Grande's cable line up is a bit different and is shown below. Currently, we will be broadcasting Grande's programming up to channel 59.

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<table width="70%" border="4">
<td height="24" colspan="3"> <div align="center"><strong>BASIC CABLE </strong></div></td>
<td width="30%" height="132"> <p>2 KWTX (CBS)<br>
3 KCEN (NBC) <br>
4 KWBU (PBS)<br>
5 KXXV (ABC)<br>
6 Univision <br>
7 Telemundo </p></td>
<td width="34%">8 WFAA (ABC Dallas)<br>
10 Local Government <br>
11 C-SPAN<br>
12 WGN<br>
13 On-Screen Guide<br>
14 KWKT (FOX) </td>
<td width="36%">16 Local Weather<br>
17 City Education-WISD<br>
18 City Education-College <br>
19 QVC<br>
20 HSN </td>
<td colspan="3"><div align="center"><strong>EXPANDED CABLE </strong></div></td>
<td height="332"><strong><u>Religious</u></strong><br>
21 TBN<br>
22 EWTN<br> <strong><u>Sports &amp; Outdoor</u></strong><br>
23 Outdoor Life Network<br>
24 ESPN<br>
25 ESPN Classic<br>
26 ESPN2<br>
27 FSN<br>
28 The Golf Channel<br>
29 Speed Channel<br> <strong><u>General Interest</u></strong><br>
30 Lifetime <br>
31 TNT<br>
32 FX<br>
33 TBS </td>
<td><p> 34 USA<br>
35 E!<br>
36 A&amp;E<br>
<strong><u>News and Information</u></strong><br>
37 The Weather Channel<br>
38 CNBC<br>
39 MSNBC<br>
40 CNN<br>
41 CNN Headline News<br>
43 Fox News Channel<br>
44 Discovery Health<br>
45 Discovery Channel<br>
46 TLC<br>
47 ABC Family<br>
<td> 48 Hallmark Channel<br>
49 Animal Planet<br>
50 TV Land <br>
51 Nickelodeon<br>
52 Disney Channel<br>
53 Toon Disney<br>
54 Cartoon Network<br>
55 Court TV<br>
56 Fox Movie Channel<br>
57 AMC<br>
58 Bravo<br>
59 Turner Classic Movies<br> <br> </td>
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